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Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, how many unsolved mysterious stories, and how many elusive heroes. Yi Zhongtian, a famous historian and professor of the Three Kingdoms, wrote a book called "Pin Three Kingdoms." When I finished reading this book, I couldn't help feeling. In particular, Cao Cao and Liu Bei have a special fondness for the two characters. Cao Cao Cao Cao has a ruler in everyone's heart. Some people think that Cao Cao is a terrifying great man, but others think that Cao Cao is a traitor. So is Cao Cao a traitor or a great man? A great conspirator once commented on him like this: "The hero of chaos and the minister of governing the world Cigarettes For Sale." The meaning of this sentence is that he would have done something unscrupulous for himself as a monarch under the turbulent state of the world. thing. But if the monarch is benevolent and the world is peaceful, he is a loyal minister who can help the monarch and king to come to the world. Throughout his achievements Carton Of Cigarettes, from the beginning of "killing the emperor to order the princes", to the later battle of Guandu, to the last third of the world; from the beginning of the small official to the later monarch, we can see how he great. Take the Battle of Guandu as an example, how powerful Yuan Shao was at that time, he was the leader of the princes, but was completely defeated by Cao Cao. This is enough to show that Cao Cao is a great man. A good Cao Cao who is "the hero of troubled times and the ruler of governing the world"! "Coward" Liu Bei? Now I have to mention what Liu Bei, the "coward" is called. He is indeed a bit incompetent in history, and he has been dependent on others for most of his life. There are also many candidates, first listening to Yuan Shu's account, then to Cao Cao's, following Lu Bu, and finally selecting Liu Biao. However, these actions only showed his temporary weakness, because his eldest husband could flex and stretch. For a "coward" Liu Bei, have you ever wondered why they succeeded and succeeded in dominating one side? Because Cao Cao makes good use of talents, and has a broad-minded mind, a good plan, and a courageous sense. Liu Bei's method is very different from Cao Cao's. He chose conservative warfare He is a truly capable husband. As the saying goes, "It's a blessing to lose money." This is true. Liu Bei learned lessons from the escape, summed up his experience, restored his strength, recruited soldiers, gathered strength, and waited for his new test. So he ran away again and again. Year after year, we finally have three strengths. Although we are far away from the age when people are not talking about life, we can still learn a lot from these two great men. For example, Liu Bei's loss is a blessing. Most of the students are unwilling to suffer, and do not want to have no dignity. At this time, it is not necessarily a bad thing. Often people like Liu Bei can always do their best at the most critical moments and get a blockbuster, so as to achieve success. This is what people call "both views and appointments, thick accumulation and thin hair."
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