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The sky was as clear as a wash of sunshine, a ray of bright sunlight flowing between the sea of ??clouds like a note, and a breeze gently brushed the pedestrian's face. At this time, a bus came in front of me, and the door creaked open. I went up and put two yuan into the coin box. I was going to find an empty seat in the car and sit down. At this time, there was a "Master wait!" Behind him, and then only saw an old woman catching her breath panting. The old woman stopped in front of the coin box and touched the bag with her calloused hands Parliament Cigarettes. But she turned it in her pocket for a long time and didn't find the change. I stood aside and took out two yuan coins from my pocket to help my grandmother to insert coins. After all, helping others is a good character of the Chinese nation. When I stretched out my hand, a wide palm had stretched out. "Thank you, boy." "It's okay, only two dollars." Seeing this scene, I couldn't help thinking of what happened to me a few days ago. Just last Sunday, I took a bus to make up for lessons, but-"Hurry up! Either insert a coin or get off the bus Cheap Cigarettes." My face turned red, and the driver and passenger's eyes seemed to be turning my face Staring at a hole, I can't wait to find a slot to drill into it. "Sorry, maybe it's in the bag, I'll look for it again." Although I said so in my mouth, I knew there was a 90% chance that I would be kicked out of the car. The schoolbag was turned over by me, but there was no change at all. Please, my little ancestor, come out now! Don't hide and seek with me! I won't mess around again next time. Just when I was about to cry without tears, the two coins fell into the coin box and made a crisp impact. Isn't this why I think money is crazy? Am I hallucinating? "Child, don't take it anymore, find a place to sit down." It turned out that a kind old lady helped me, but her small but godly eyes showed love and care. But I was a little overwhelmed: "How can I do this? I must return it to you." "No, I will be there soon. There is nothing to do." After listening to the words of the grandma, my heart It was warm, as if illuminated by a small lantern mokingusacigarettes.com. Looking at her figure, my thoughts drifted away again ...
It's time, little sister. ""what! Oh, thank you. "I almost sat by the station, always thinking about the previous things, and I forgot to be in the car. In the world, there are so many hot hearts like the sun, like a cluster of warm flames. People use their own Love--lights up the world!

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