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After thinking about the game, the smoke is flying, the breath is deep and heavy, and the heart is boiling. The annual school Olympics was successfully completed. With the admission and exit, I really enjoyed my eyes. The new ideas, the new ideals, and the new hopes one by one made me feel awkward and lively. Happy songs. But the only regret is that I actually missed the game. My comrades and I have always wanted to divide the game on the field. Is it really good for me or my comrades? I have known him for seven years. He has been in him for seven years. People who are not willing to lag behind in sports Carton Of Cigarettes, but I must not lose to him, because I also have my own dignity, life is a good news, when I return, there will be a final in this life, and the final strong will be separated, although this time. I passed the success, but I will never give up my dignity. It doesn't matter if I lose this time. Next time, the key is not to lose confidence and patience, otherwise it will not succeed anyway. ! I want to say that we will win the game in the fall of the second year. Finally, I want to say: "The pioneers please wait in the blink of an eye, I am promoted to middle school, a word of blessing, a sentence of hope, I went to the school gate of the middle school. I was thinking, I was looking at it. I was thinking that I would be a brand new one. When I took my first step into the gate, I was trying to change myself and make myself like a middle school student Marlboro Red. It is a middle school student.! There is only a sigh of life, no words of regret! During the military training, my foot was injured and I could only watch it, making me hate myself. I like playing table tennis, no matter how windy or rainy. I have to play table tennis. Where is the table tennis case, where is my figure? I play the ball to make the world look at it. When it rains, I struggle in the storm. When it is windy, I am flying in the sandstorm. When it snows, I am full of passion in Blizzard. When I win, I am happy! When I lose, I am very sad! Table tennis - my favorite, table tennis has given me vitality, and also gave me a lifetime. Happy In the past few years, you and I have been accompanying each other Parliament Cigarettes, giving me unlimited fun and giving me unlimited sorrow. I love you - table tennis, no matter what difficulties and frustrations I encounter in the front, I will not give up, do not give up on you. - Table tennis, you are the source of my happiness, my ultimate hope, my dream of never annihilation, all my savings.
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