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The turtle has a small shell. It is hiding all day long. We don��t have it. But the ice and snow are coming. We can only bear with the shoulders. Maybe the shell is protected. It also bears the turtle. It has a small shell. It��s all day, hiding from us. It��s not snow and ice. With the shoulders, maybe the shell is protected and the burden is so it climbs so slowly. Although safe but not happy, we are happy because we don't have shells. I used to use this to comfort myself. But sometimes, when it��s really tired, think about it and have a small shell, hide in it and sleep peacefully, then say something that you can understand, silently face your wounds, and then whisper to yourself. Said, pig treasure does not cry, the sky will soon clear, I gradually get used to talking to myself, very calm, very gentle. I do a lot of things every day, I think less, I am tired when I fall asleep. Maybe it is a kind of simplicity, maybe it is monotonous in a certain sense, but I think it is best to keep the peace of mind, how is the environment? What is around, it is not very important to me. I don't know how much wind and rain will go through, and whether the beautiful dream can be realized. The wind and rain are with you, I think it is also a kind of sweetness. Many times, we have to live with a tired and disguised face. Maybe only at home, you can completely relax, but helplessly, we have less and less time at home, and more and more time in school. We may really want to sigh, "People are involuntarily in the rivers and lakes." Maybe the school will make us more and more sophisticated, but I always think that as long as I keep the innocence in my heart. Really can't ask too much because the power is too weak. There will be a lot of sorrows, very few babies, very big troubles, and often ask yourself and the people around you, what to do, what to do. In fact, there seems to be no better way than accepting and courageously facing. Always fantasizing a scene, you are still standing in the same place, so the snow has become an embellishment behind you. Only a smile and so warm, so warm hugs. At the right time, it is a blessing to meet the right person; at the right time, it is a fool to meet the wrong person; at the wrong time, the right heart is destined to be injured. It is just that the wrong or the right heart needs to be accompanied Marlboro Gold, especially in the cold weather, in the lonely night. Always in the wind, then my heart trembles. Maybe, I am just a bad child who feels different every day, but the content is basically the same every day Parliament Cigarettes, repeating simple movements, simple life, I really want to live simply, and sometimes I think if I am happy and sad, It��s all from the heart of trouble, so don��t think about it, it��s not good, so I��m so happy that I��m so happy, and suddenly I��m sad, because optimism is always so pale and powerless Newport 100S. Carrying it step by step, his own small bag, it does not dare to look up, afraid to see the road too long, afraid to see the sinister sunshine, stabbing the tender heart

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