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he growing child, who can understand who's heart? The appearance of the cover, but the inner change, leaving a series of question marks. ����Inscribed that our growth at this time is the most wonderful moment. There is no childishness in the past, there is not much maturity, there will always be different opinions on things, and different attitudes, true or false, or false Good, we have learned too much. When we are young, we may argue because of a piece of candy, a toy and a good partner. Habitually, we also like to take things in place. We will never tolerate other people��s curses. We will be angry and loudly refuted. Now, if you know how to give in, you will have more friends who will not be naively arguing with others. Instead, they will generously give each other gifts, even if they will hear others making their own jokes or rumors. The reaction will not be so strong, more silent and open smiles. The word rebellious is no longer new, because it has been responding to countless times in the ear until it is completely obeyed by it Newport Cigarettes, obeying its instructions, and then others are persuading the rebellious to be stupid, but we are simply accommodating it at the moment Cigarettes Online. It is worthy of its obvious character, but we are deeply dependent. I feel very impatient when my parents are kindly swearing, and the teacher��s orthodox teachings don��t care. It seems that the words of ��prostitute, nephew�� are affectionately told us. Resisting with my parents is actually just to do my own thing. We shouted: my personality, my fashion. Chasing the trend of our hobbies, gradually closing the door of communication with them, forming a rebellion in the mouth of adults, and the fact is, because they will feel that if such rebellion will add more toner to youth, let It continued to look at the perfect picture, our face was not red, and the situation reported without a heart. They simply did not know that we slowly learned to weave lies, and thought that lying would be blushing and nervous, so choose to believe. In fact, I will think, why do you blush when you lie? These are just blurted out. Just like the truth, they are sincere and natural. They dare not say that they are telling good intentions, but they are definitely not unforgivable. Because adults want to hear the truth, just to make them satisfied, our lies There is nothing wrong with it. It is a language that makes each other happy and relaxed. In the face of this, the deceived adults do not have to be angry at all. You are very lucky, do you know? Children will care about you, want to make you happy, and don't want to let you down. I used to hate essays, but the process of growing up, even if only a little bit, would fall in love with words, especially those that are lazy and jumping, but beautiful, slightly sad and beautiful. It always makes people very moved and hates to make a fuss. The writing becomes real and mature. I hope that I can write beautiful and beautiful words, let others feel your feelings, and slowly accept some difficult-to-read articles, read them carefully, read them carefully, and find a kind of The experience called ��Voice�� grows too much, and we need to record it slowly. We are a cocoon that has gradually changed. It has become a butterfly, and we still remember the process that is more beautiful than a butterfly.
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