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We are all children in the wind, watching the morning sun shine the first golden light in the morning, and hear the poet sigh softly when the sun hangs in the sun. The city of Nanguo always gives people a kind of lingering in the secluded water waves. In the time of the frustration of time, the damp and warm air here, like the April day in the world, I like this small town in the south, slowly walking through the mottled old wall Carton Of Cigarettes, the asphalt casts a dark color on the watery pond on the road. The reflection. The soft dark green floated on the surface of the water, the boat came and went, a gust of wind blew, mixed with a little sweetness, and when you closed your eyes, you fell peacefully into the gentle township. For the first time, you took your sister out to go shopping. The little girl played and walked into the bustling market. I let go of my hand and ran away. I am chasing after me, I am upset. I really shouldn��t bring this eccentric gimmick out. The little girl rarely goes out. She is always placed at home by her parents. After a long time, she can��t stand the heart and want to go outside. The second aunt and aunt went out to work together and left the little girl to take care of me. I accepted it with pleasure and thought that the girl was always quiet and well-behaved. Unexpectedly, as soon as the adults left, Xiaomei took my hand and said Marlboro Lights, "My brother took me out to play. I was so bored at home that I could hardly say: "No, my aunt will let you stay at home. The younger sister was too tempered and refused to stop. She went away and hid in the room and began to cry. I had no choice but to take her out, but now I really regret it. Only after a while, the little girl ran away and I disappeared. I started to worry, and went down the street where she was walking. I was looking for a completely strange street in front of me. I never seemed to be here. It was much colder than other places. No one, I don��t know if the little girl will run here. Anxious like an ant on a hot pot. Today is a windy weather. When the wind is blowing, the dust on the street flutters, the clouds block the sun, and the sky is a bright lake. The dream catcher hanging outside the roadside shop made a crisp crash. Second, I met a girl. When I looked around on the street, I saw a girl sitting on the steps of the squatting, holding her hands and staring at the sky. I walked. "Ask, you have seen A 10-year-old girl passed by here? She glanced at me and immediately moved her eyes and stood up from the steps and walked away from her own. I was angry in my heart and could not find the little girl already anxious. Burning has been ignored by such indifference. "Hey, if you see it, please tell me." The girl walked to a lane not far away and stopped, her eyes fixed on the alley and didn't know where it was, biting her lip and pinching her fist. I ran up. A boy who was almost like a young girl in the alley had a candied fruit in his hand Online Cigarettes. He also held a model of a car he just bought. He looked at the girl in
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