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I am a leap year, I know that this time you left, there is no more news. The letter lost the address. I haven't thought about where to send it. It's just in such a deep autumn. I suddenly miss you and call you like this. Mr. White Shirt, are you okay? Will you still wear a white trench coat and host the show in a soft tone? Are you okay? Will you look up in such a season to look for isolated birds? Are you okay? Still waiting for the 33 bus stop at the twilight full of leaves, are you still okay? Will it be in the night when a certain house lights up, think of me, the first thing you said to me is: "The following year, I haven't seen you for a long time. Let's wait for the 33 bus at the bus stop. You suddenly turned your head and said:" In the following year, I haven��t seen my curiosity for a long time. ��We, know what your indifferent face suddenly picked up a slap in the face, but it��s falling. You said, ��Sorry, I admit the wrong person. I am studying at A now. There is a tall white birch in front of A big bedroom, just like the station where we waited for the bus together, the green is connected with a thick shade, sometimes it will recall that time, and your only one conversation, but it has shaken me. The heart is that I have never had the courage. I am not careful enough. I didn��t think about your nonsense at first. If I can think a little bit more, I might not miss it and lose contact. Although, we have not contacted me just thinking, let me look at you, watching you put your hands in your pocket, walking across the road with no expression, watching you play basketball silently, watching other girls handing you Come to the white towel and wipe the sweat, I will follow you behind, look at the back of your shoulder bag... You certainly won't know that I like you, can watch you silently, it is already happy, I am just a general Ordinary high school girls, like countless girls of the same age, with their own girl's mind, as long as the most common satisfaction, as long as you are in my sight, I will feel that the road to the future is to heaven, Touching the softness of the white clouds like a hand. Every time I work hard under the desk lamp because of such excellent existence, the air is mixed with fresh grass in the morning, and the years are quiet. The power you bring to me is far better than everything. Later, somehow, you fade out. My world, like evaporating from here, some things are as fragile as glass dolls, my dreams, without your presence, I can't find you, maybe, you have gone elsewhere. The dream of a girl��s heart Marlboro Gold, I think, I am used to like you, I am used to serious efforts, I am used to being in every black, holding sleepy eyes, doing various exercises. I should thank you, thank you for giving The habits I brought, and the state of mind I had never had, I was a little sad when I found out that I was gone. I felt that I lost the motivation to persist. Later I realized that I have my own way to go, you can��t It will always be my tomorrow, I can't walk your way forever. We will see you in the friend's visitor record when we are distracting the winter vacation, so I clicked in, you are in Lhasa, you cut your hair in the photo. In white, standing next to the railroad track. Lhasa's sky is very blue, like a fairyland. Then, I saw your real name in the message under the photo. It turned out that you are really happy, but although you are gone, there is no chance to meet me. I remember when I was a child. You also have shallow dimples. I remember that you painted me before moving. You said to me, "We will meet again in the following year." However, the painting has long been forgotten by time. Corners, dusty. Sorry, I remembered your white shirt, I know that you remember me. Now I am admitted to A. I heard that this is the school you always wanted to go to. I don't know why you left. I miss you very much, but Mr. Kachino. My childhood boy, when I was young, I found out that the dream I wanted to chase has faded away from the shame and embarrassment. Now, there are many good friends around me. When happiness is touched, I will inevitably think of it. You, I am praying, lovely white shirt Newport Cigarettes Coupons, you must have a good time, you will be very good Parliament Cigarettes.
This autumn is a bit cold. There are very few birds in the sky. The birds have already traveled to a happy country with light and dreams in the late summer with the unique temperature of the summer, just like we used to On the way to the 33 bus, I have been to such a stop, where our eyes are in communication, we are still in the silence of the other party, happy, and each time we miss, quietly looking forward to our future. Mr. White Shirt, I am a leap year, I haven't seen it for a long time!
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