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Far away, this is a word that I am very fond of, far, far, think about it Cheap Cigarettes, just like the heart, the infinite beauty is actually far away, there are flaws, but also nostalgia, yet, but full of beautiful atmosphere. No? How beautiful is to be beautiful in the distant future, how beautiful it is to be beautiful, beautiful to the bones, beautiful to the endless stars and bright, bright river in the sky, four unmanned, sound in the trees. "Because of this huge space and distance, Ouyang Xiu has a vast autumn event. Time and space can have grand beauty, just like a spring moon, like a beautiful love. Love is like this, far away A glimpse of a glimpse, on the water side, it was indulged, and it fell into a trap. Which one is his eight thousand miles of clouds and the moon, just infatuated with love, thinking, waiting, secretly happy, everything is so good. It is almost perfect. However, if the distance is close, it will be tasteless, so it is really helpless. Tie Ning wrote the most beautiful prose essay "Remote Perfection", how far is perfect, how far is it far away You don't know Parliament Cigarettes, I don't know, she doesn't know. In fact, the distance between the heart is the farthest and the most recent. In the end, it is the inner beauty that remembers, very early, like "classic beauty", bought it sporadically. A year ago, one of my essays, "The Great Desert Song Wang Zhaojun" passed the "Classic Beauty" preliminary review. Since then, I have liked this publication. I am obsessed with it. It is like a crush, going everywhere to buy, crazy. Read like it, then collect it. Just like that, far I like it very much, no matter what, all the pocket money is used to buy it. Just like a distant love marathon, it happens between a person and a publication, quiet, and lasting. Stupid I am obsessed with its style of writing, its style, and of course, almost unconditionally obsessed with its editors. In all the publications, this is especially the publication of this "grid", the bones are clear, the style is cold, the philosophical, the beautiful, The texts are all in vain, with infinite goodness. Far from being obsessed with joy, I don��t know why, I always like the people and things that are high in "Ge", just like Shen Congwen likes the food of Ge Gao, my first love boyfriend is a Beijing boy. Since then, a grand affair has happened between me and the city, the atmosphere of the city, stunned, open-minded, heavy, like a middle-aged man, steady and steady. My boyfriend and the air of the city is Such a match, although young, but old, can not tell the stability, good understanding, relying on him, like the security of the mountain. Such love is destined to fall, indulge, infinite aesthetic, and unlimited Hey. I am actually a very lonely and proud girl. Everything needs to be "high" Newport Cigarettes. And his temperament just coincides with me, and I have a joy that I can��t tell, almost worship. He sent it for a while. A soft eye, people are not dumping, drunk, shameful,
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Anti-Semitism isn't dissent, its hate. Socialism isn't dissent, its incompatible with the US Constitution. If people's beliefs do not align with the core concepts that created this country, then this is not the place for them, it really doesn't matter who they are or where they are from...

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