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Modern people love tea, from tea to tea, and tea ceremony. What is the word? My understanding is first of all the truth The tea ceremony is what makes sense through tea. The second is the road. The tea ceremony is to make people feel relaxed and have a higher spiritual feeling through tea. Therefore, the tea ceremony should answer what is the product and what can be produced. Mr. Wu Jue-nong believes that tea is a kind of spiritual enjoyment, an art, or a means of self-cultivation. Mr. Zhou Zuoren's understanding is a sneak peek, a bitter joy, enjoying a little beauty and harmony in the incomplete reality, and feeling permanent in an instant. A Japanese tea culture expert said, "The Tao is the road to the realization of life, the tea ceremony is the road to the heart, and the road to the heart to the heart of the tea." You must use the mind to understand the tea ceremony. What is the basic spirit of Chinese tea ceremony? Regardless of the conclusions of the experts in the tea industry in China, I admire the static (static, net, environment, and path) of four different sounds. Tea must be quiet, peace of mind, quiet and comfortable, self-cultivation, "quiet" for tea. How to understand the mystery of the universe from a small teapot? How to taste life from a touch of tea soup? How to be clear in the tea event? How to wash the spirit of snow through the practice of the tea ceremony, exercise personality, and surpass yourself? There is only one answer - static. The tea ceremony is also beautiful. The beauty of Jingshan, the beauty of still water, the beauty of the night, in the silence can truly understand the rhyme of the flow, the beauty of the movement. Net is first. To make clean tea, clean utensils, tea should have a clean environment, and more need to have a clean heart, to achieve internal and external integration. Tea does not fully indicate the lightness of tea, but also shows that the interpersonal color is moderate and maintains good friendship Carton Of Cigarettes. The environment is beautiful. The situation is the situation and the state of mind. The process of making tea is very particular Marlboro Lights, and the one-handed routine and leisurely manners are a kind of beautiful enjoyment. The first people summarized the physical and mental enjoyment of tea people as "Yi", but I called it the world. Different people understand differently, so the realm of entry is different. It is through tea that creates a tranquil atmosphere and an ethereal and empty state of mind. When the fragrance of tea quietly infiltrates every corner of the heart and the lungs, the soul becomes empty and the spirit is purified. What is it? Return to the truth, to be reasonable. ��True�� is the starting point of Chinese tea ceremony and the ultimate pursuit of Chinese tea ceremony. It is true tea, real water, real people, truth. It includes not only the true fragrance of tea, the true taste, the true bamboo of the utensils, the real wood, the true pottery, the real porcelain, the seriousness and truth-seeking of every tea event, but also the true heart of the people, the true feelings of the guests, the sincerity of the talk, and the leisure. Really quiet. Pursuing the truth of love, that is, through the quality of the description, so that the true feelings between tea friends can be developed, to achieve the realm of mutual understanding between tea people. Pursuing the truth of sex, that is, in the process of teasing, truly relax yourself, let go of your own soul in the realm of no self, and graze your own nature. Pursue the truth of the Tao, that is, to pursue the true understanding of the Tao, to achieve self-cultivation, taste the purpose of life, the tea ceremony can be tasted and enjoyed, and people of different status, different beliefs and different cultural levels have different pursuits for the tea ceremony. The nobles talked about "the treasure of tea", which is intended to show off the power, exaggerate the wealth, and be elegant. Scholars of the literati speak "the rhyme of tea", trusting things, stimulating Wensi, and making friends. Buddhism speaks of "the virtue of tea", which is intended to be sleepy and refreshing, to participate in Zen and to become a Buddha. Taoism speaks of "tea power", which is intended to preserve health, keep alive for years, and become a fairy. Ordinary people talk about "taste of tea", intended to remove greasy, relieve trouble, enjoy life
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