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Richard Mille launches spray, micro-graffiti art tourbillon Kongo

The two worlds of street art and high-end watches are collapsing in huge ways. The famous graffiti artist Cyril Kongo and Richard Mille teamed up to launch the new Richard Mille RM 68-01 Tourbillon Cyril Kongo watch.

Richard Mille hired artist Kongo to spray paint for the RM 68-01 Tourbillon Kongo to create graffiti art for the wrist.

Paris graffiti artist Cyril Phan, better known as Kongo, is the idea of ​​the multi-tone RM 68-01 watch. RM 68-01 The Tourbillon Kongo is asymmetrical with the curved hand and the sports bridge. It is the epitome of graffiti art, created by custom-made spray guns.

The new limited edition pieces feature the personalized design of Kongo. Each replica watches for sale in the collection is hand held by Kong and painted separately using a micro-spray tool. This ensures that each piece is a unique piece of art.

“I am from graffiti. All my works come from there. This is my painting school, I learned on the street. I need to keep in touch with the world and pay attention to what is happening elsewhere. Graffiti is a kind of own The language of the code, a form of writing, whether on a huge wall, on a canvas, or on any other surface. I am not a painter, nor a painter of any particular surface," Kongo said.

Kongo further expanded the process of making this piece: "I need to develop special tools. After more than a year of experimentation, I can paint on a five-centimeter (2-inch) square fake luxury watches . Some parts are only a few millimeters long, some Even smaller, I had to put the fonts directly on them, enough to get a visual effect, but not using too much paint to avoid losing the balance of the movement.

Because, though, starting with a complete car, I drew the chassis, the engine, and each piston. ”

Drawn by Kongo alone, each sport is decorated differently. The back of the movement is also painted with paint, and the bridge is shaped like a paint. Like many Richard Mille movements, the movement is made by the sophisticated specialist Renaud & Papi, whose bridges and base plates are made of titanium. This is a hand-wound movement with a tourbillon adjuster.

The movement features an NTPT carbon fiber case and a black ceramic bezel. The movement features a range of colours and design elements reminiscent of Kongo's street art.

The middle part of the case is made of carbon fiber-based composite material NTCT Carbon, and the front and back plates of the case are black ceramic.HYT H1 AZO PROJECT 148-PA-21-GF-RU