eturn the tape to me, indicating

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The term "tape" has gradually been forgotten. In a school, the teacher gave the students a new book with English tape. The students were very curious, thinking that high-tech, taking home to let parents see, parents can not help but dumb. Tape is a kind of record Sound, image, digital or other signals carrying a magnetic layer of tape. There are many types of tapes, I like music tapes. The tapes are divided into two sides, each with four or five songs, and these songs are specific. Many times I will buy a tape for a song, I only listen to the song I like. When I hear joy, I will follow the music and walk around the street, hear the sadness, I I will leave the tears of Qing dynasty. The age is pure, good to remember. At that time, I liked my table, but I couldn��t tell her that she refused. If she didn��t say it, she would not suppress it. I lived in my heart. One day, I finally got the courage to find a tape to record my courtship. I came to school with a sly heart. I put her earphones on her and told her that there was a song that was very nice. , She admired it. I thought about it at the time. If she was very angry, I said, I got the wrong tape. I watched her carefully. She listened and listened at me with surprise and smiled. At the same time, I laughed too, laughing more happily than her. She did not return the tape to me, indicating that the day was given to me. The next day, she put the earphones on me, listening and listening, my heart cried, but I don��t care if I put it on my face. When I got home, I broke the tape and tore the magnetic strip into a piece. I faintly remembered the tape recording. I gave her the following: From the day I was at the same table, I secretly liked you. I will come to the classroom early every morning because I don't want to miss the beautiful figure when you enter the classroom Cheap Cigarettes. You slowly walk to me and sit down. I feel so lucky, I can't control the chaos. Jumping heart, can we fall in love like TV? She gave me the following: We are learning the age, we should not fall in love, you should study hard, wait for us to grow up and pursue the people we like, maybe I will I like you who study hard. Come on! Actually, this passage is faint, and I like what you mean. It was only when I was young that I didn��t understand the girl��s mind and thought it was rejected. I was so proud that I was crying in the room, and while I was crying, I made a Determined, never say a word to her. Perhaps the good things will always stay in this era, pure, wonderful, simple. The tears at that time left little scars in the heart Marlboro Lights. Through years of precipitation, these tears will slowly In the year Online Cigarettes, I took out this memory, I will secretly laugh, then my smile is simple and beautiful. Who said that memory is bitter and sad. I think that memory is good, even in Memories of painful memories, there will still be a faint warmth hidden inside a cup of autumn tea, slowly sipping a certain laughing and laughing memory in the sun.
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tape deck sounds fine, even the a-ha tape plays wonderfully around the middle, where its not wrinkled. Quite good quality sound...

The prince tape is totally dead, as Ive spun it all over the baggy tape and I think the creases have printed on all of the reel, as the tape looks uneven throughout. It sounds horrible : : :

Yep, its done it again I put a brand new maxell XL II, rewound it, pushed play and #, the tape is now chewed up...

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