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I have a cup of tea. Some tea leaves float on the top of the cup, some float in the middle of the cup, and some tea leaves sink to the bottom of the cup. I once read a essay called "tea as life", which is very touching. There are many kinds of tea. Some people like tea, you can always hear their optimistic and grateful smiles; some people like green tea, no matter where they go, can give people green. Some people are like white tea. This kind of person is very clean and doesn't like a trace of dust Parliament Cigarettes. When you pass by her, you will smell a natural fragrance. Some people like the noble Pu'er tea, she does not want to take the initiative to care about you Marlboro Cigarettes, does not mean that she ignores you, but she has a heart that is easy to hurt, life is like tea, and all beings are like a lot of tea, doing everything. I likened the tea leaves floating on the cup to the youth, the middle is the middle-aged, and the tea floating at the bottom of the cup is old. When I was young, I always liked to climb the highest mountain and walked in front of my father. The fathers always smiled and said: "They are young and energetic." When I was in middle age, I looked at the young man who was running ahead and looked back. The old man who is slowly advancing, I try to keep up with the young people's steps, and try to slow down the steps, so that the old people don't fall behind; when I am old, I sink to the bottom, trying to look up, but I can't see anything, I have to. Find a quiet place to count the stars of Ding Liang. In the old age, I will give the last glimmer of life to the end of life. I can also compare the tea leaves floating on the cup to the impetuous people Online Cigarettes. The middle is the smooth one. The bottom is The person who gave me a quiet drink took a sip of tea. There will be some tea in my mouth. I will spit these teas aside. I think these teas are impetuous people. Impetuous people will leave in anger because of some minor things, and no one will miss them. The tea leaves floating in the middle are not willing to be these impetuous people, and they are not willing to be silent devotional people. They are windy and windy, encounter water and water, can't see their true form, but they sometimes can't find it smoothly. Yourself. At the bottom is the silent dedication, they do not ask for a return, just peace of mind. These people are most worthy of respect and love. I gently shake the teacup, all the tea leaves floating in the water, the impetuous people become smooth, the smooth people become silent, the silent people become impetuous, they are changing. But no matter how they change, they must change with the changes of the water potential. Perhaps this cup is the container that carries the society, and these teas are the society. The tea is the one that flows with the flow. No one can be alone. I have poured out the cup without the smell of old tea. Put on a new tea. The old tea is gone, and the new tea begins to taste life again.
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