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There is no clue to the ears of silk and bamboo. ������ª���� I am a person who likes to be alone Parliament Cigarettes, and is also a person who enjoys loneliness. I always have fears in the face of the crowds. If I analyze myself from "Character Color", I should be a typical blue character. ����Many ideas, not gregarious, like to enjoy a person's dialogue, the pessimistic consciousness in the bones runs through the whole process of life. Perhaps you will see that this person may feel that this character may live a very hard work, but I don��t want to change it. On the one hand, I have been doing this for more than 20 years. Although I want to change it, I have already lost it. On the other hand, I have long been accustomed to a person, adapted to a person facing the room facing the huge silence and silence. I like that feeling. It is like the poem written by Gu Cheng Carton Of Cigarettes. The grass is holding its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand, say nothing, it is very beautiful. I often feel alone but I am not alone. To be honest, I used to be a person who didn't like reading books. Like most people, I wanted to sleep at first glance. But why do I like reading books so much now? The reasons are as follows: One of them I especially admire those who are full of economics, and the words are always whispered. Reading can make me more cultural. The second is that I feel that reading books can get rid of confusion and overcome difficulties in life. If you look closely at life, you will find that the hardships in life sometimes have no way to achieve the purpose of confusing by learning from the predecessors through the only self-explanatory reading. The third is to open up the horizon, you can peep into the world of polygons by reading this window Cigarettes Online. The four accumulated materials are good for writing. The so-called reading breaks through thousands of volumes. This statement is not groundless. Of course, for those who like to read, the benefits of reading are far more than these. Here I am only a little one. Goethe said: "When reading a good book, I talk to many noble people." I am very fortunate to have spoken to many noble people during the university. Especially when emotions resonate with the author, that kind of joy is like bathing in the spring. It is also like a long-lost friend who looks back in the crowds and recognizes the other person, tears in his eyes. Because of dreams, I was not alone when the library turned off the last light, and I walked alone on the trail of the night lights. I looked up at the moth and the night light like a glue like a soul that was summoned. Looking at the lonely and desolate night in front of me, my heart suddenly trembled, and then my eyes burst into tears. That is the most natural feeling of truth after being exhausted by fatigue. I have been sticking to my dreams for a few years and I am tireless. I have forgotten how many times I have almost fainted at the door of the library because of the sleepless nights. But when I think that my dreams are getting closer and closer to me, I have less complaints in my heart and I am more pleased Marlboro Lights. Forget who said it, "What is a dream? A dream is something that makes you feel persistent and happy." Every time I see this sentence, it is like a stone that stirs up a thousand waves, and the heart is really The breath irritated all my senses and made me sigh. Even if I did something that I didn't understand or was questioned, I relied on my attachment to my dreams, and the enthusiasm swallowed the broken teeth. So this way, I never felt my own shape alone, because the companionship of my dreams made me live a very happy self-examination, let me see another self Zeng Ziyun "I am a province of three provinces. For people, not faithful? Dealing with friends, not trusting? Passing away?" Then, not to talk about it, I basically defy introspection every day. And every day there will be gains. For example, is there a waste of time today, where is my time spent, which flowers are valuable and which are meaningless. Or if there is a contradiction with the roommate today, I will constantly reflect on the root of the problem. Also, why did you not answer the question when you answered the question when you were in class today? Through these introspections, I will be more clear about my own deficiencies and mistakes Cigarettes For Sale. And the reason is that. It is because of the influence of a book - "The True Color." Although this book has been put on hold for a long time, I can still remember the eight words on the cover of the book - the deeper the anatomy, the more real it is. The so-called anatomy is to re-examine yourself. It seems to be easy to do but it is very difficult, because it requires me to be honest enough about myself. I am very fortunate that I can realize the importance of knowing myself, because compared to many people, I know better than them who I am. I have been depressed for a while, I can��t find anyone who can understand me, I always expect There are a pair of deep eyes in life that can understand all the absurdity in my heart. But after waiting for such a long time, there is still no such person. You know that when a person's expectations fall through, his previous expectations are equal to the subsequent despair. What's more, I have been waiting for more than ten years. I often say, "There must be a dream in the end, and there is no time to ask for a dream." Since there are some things that cannot be forced, it is better to face it with sorrow. Moreover, I am not so eager to talk to others or confide my own thoughts. When I open a book, I can talk to people from different worlds and find soul or spiritual resonance with them. When I suffered setbacks, my dreams gave me reasons to stick to it. He supported me with an incomparably strong spirit. It may be far more powerful than others' encouragement. When I am confused and lost, my own self-anatomy can cut my lifeline, let me take some detours, because knowing myself is a good medicine to correct my mistakes. At the crucial time, a shot of chicken blood, after the excitement, the mind will become clearer. Some people say that the voice is difficult, and what I want to say is that he is always there when he is or not. The key is how you find him. And I have seen the mountain water through my method. What about you
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