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For a few years, I am alone. I gradually understood what is lonely and what is helpless. But I can't change it. I always try to avoid it and run away. There was only one person left in the middle of the night. As time went by, I changed day by day, became hesitant, and became sad. I hope that a few iron buddies can drink a big one, and say what they want to say, the coldness is cold. But this is easier said than done. The world is too small, and we met like this. But the world is too big. Once separated, it is easier to reunite. I can be passionate about people I know, but I can always be silent forever. I know that this is not very good, but I am always instinct to protect myself Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I do not want to suffer unnecessary damage The second day! Ta left forever, leaving only the thoughts and an empty house Marlboro Cigarettes. I am very harmful, I always want to avoid going back to the so-called home. For me, maybe you can't call home again! It is very dark and very dark. No laughter, no warmth. Every time I go back, I will try to open all the lights and put the sound of the TV to the maximum, hoping to experience the feeling of home. I tried it many times until my tears flowed down and I came to the conclusion that it was just an empty house, not a home, not a warm home. At that time, I was in a bad mood. I have been surfing the Internet, although no one Chatting with me, but I know that some things need to be connected, and some words can only be said to strangers. I applied for an account at! Putting my recent mood on the Internet with text, maybe nobody cares about me, maybe someone thinks I am sick. But it doesn't matter, at least I can find a little comfort and find a point to rely on. After graduating from junior high school, I felt that I was not mature enough to provoke my responsibilities. I went to Zhejiang alone, went to work, and experienced life. Zhejiang is very hot, and I hate the heat, but I gave up my job in the front lobby of the hotel and decided to work in the hottest kitchen. Just entering, everything is strange, everything is unknown. I tried to adapt myself to everything around me, and the enthusiasm at the beginning made me stand down! It was very hot, the clothes were soaked, and the pants were soaked. Sticking to the body, the heat wave hits hot, the breathing is very difficult, and the fingers are applied to the plate accidentally. The instinct is collected, and it has not been processed yet, and it is ready to serve! It is very painful and daunting. But I know that the so-called persistence is day after day. There are also times when I want to give up, but I know that people who are not prepared for the future have no future. If I can't stand this bitterness, what else can I do? So every time I get up, I will face the mirror and say to myself, "On the way to work, the sun is already higher than the top of the head. The sun in Zhejiang is very hot, unlike the softness of the home! The shadow is very long, the electric coming and going The car is flying fast! But I understand that there is no need to be afraid of the darkness of the shadow, because the sun is ahead! It is hope! Thank you for the kitchen, you gave me a valuable lesson. After the first year, I became very busy and busy. I have no time to finish. The homework is always finished, the textbooks are always incomplete. The teacher came and went, and then came again. The classmates grew up day by day, and the homework increased day by day Marlboro Lights. I am very tired. I am very tired. I want to throw away all my homework and finish my little dream. Actually, there is no good performance to escort. Everything is a mess, everything is a chat. I love watching movies! I don't have time as an excuse to give up my favorite visual enjoyment. Every time I deceive myself, I feel that I feel at ease. Nine courses, each subject is fearful. Every subject thinks the best, but has to choose. The science score is not bad. I am overcast Yang wrong reading the text, regret is there. But what method Nie, perhaps in the dark has been doomed Cheap Cigarettes. If this is the case, then I still learn it after the second year of high school, it is so easy, at first I will contradict Liberal arts. When I was in class, I was in a daze, and I went to sleep from time to time. As a result, my grades plummeted. Every time I tested, I was slap in the face, slamming on my face and waking up my numbness. I am Can't be so decadent, can't let the efforts of the past be ruined, and can't indulge what they want. I am strong in spirit, but once the bad habits are developed, it is easy to change them. Once again, day after day. Gradually find the past. Confidence. But I don't know when I started. I found that I changed. I gradually became strange and lonely. I like to stay alone in a small room, but sometimes I am afraid of darkness and I am afraid of being alone. Harmony. Sometimes sad and sometimes happy, the mood is like the flood of the dyke, and I don��t listen to my own control. Another challenge of life is in front of me. I know that I am unbeaten. Since the choice of distance, please do not look back.
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