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I have been to the White Corridor several times. Just because of the time constraints, and rushed to go. I can't feel the dreamlike dreams of my dreams. At the end of the Jiawu period, the big guys agreed to find a place with mountains and water, quiet and elegant, play leisure and relax; walk into nature and return to nature. Everyone repeatedly decided to go to the "dream town", picking oranges and feeling the harvest. On the weekends, the long-lost sun dispels the coldness of the early winter, and the bright semi-suspended sky and the sun shines. The temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius, which is very comfortable and comfortable. A group of people drove a car and went all the way to the dream town. When we walked into the water town, we were fascinated by its dreamy blue. Bailang Water Township is surrounded by mountains and rivers. Because of the water and the sky, the landscape is similar to that of ��Mal Dafu��. It is called the most inland ��Maldives�� by tourists from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Its real name is not known. The white corridor is in the northeast of the city, about 50 minutes drive, is the most prestigious sightseeing spot in southern Hunan. Located in the northwest of the Dongjiang Lake reservoir area, it is the hometown of the writer Bai Wei. In May 2003, it was established by the merger of the former old city and Houyu two townships. The forest land is 174,800 mu, the fruit is 13,000 mu, and the water surface is 120,000 mu, accounting for half of the lake area. The water area of ??Bailang Water Township is vast, the mountains are beautiful, the islands are numerous, the tourism resources are very rich, there are white corridor scenic spots, and the rocky scenic spots, two major tourism Sightseeing scenic spot; set farmhouse, rehabilitation, fishing and leisure in one leisure resort center. The mountain shape is sturdy, and the peaks are clustered; the bamboo is clustered, the green trees cover the sky, and the scenery is beautiful. There is often a breeze and the white clouds are parked there. Looking into the eyes, Tianshui is connected, and the air is fascinated; the lake is blue, pure and quiet, and the water is white Carton Of Cigarettes. We look at the mountains to see the water, watch the waterfowl swim in the water, and slam the fierce; look at the arrow in the water, look at the arrows, watch the wind and the waves, watch the water and shoot the boat, see the waves before the waves, after the waves. There is nothing in my heart, just looking at it all the way is also a great view. At the top of the mountain Cheap Cigarettes, the mountains and the blue waters in the distance are in harmony with the blue water. It is a legend of teenagers and girls. Every spring in March, the full-scale peach blossoms are raging, and they are fighting for it. Burning its brilliance, adding color to the beauty. If the spirits are all reborn, the songs will be spurred today. The local government hosts the annual Romantic Peach Blossom Festival. Peach Blossom Fairy, from the sky; surrounded by hundreds of newcomers, blue sky and green water testimony, peach blossoms, Chinese and foreign tourists witnessed marriage. Romantic peach blossoms, romantic seasons Newport 100S, romantic newcomers, romantic marriages; touched many of the boys and girls in the heart of the heart of the heart of the waters that have not been submerged Online Cigarettes, like the stars of the Tianhe River, squatting, adding to the scenery. The distance between the white clouds and the water in the distance is a dreamy light blue, similar to the Maldives, with pure blue water. No wonder, Hong Kong and Macau tourists exclaimed: "Maldives! Isn't it a dream? The mountain scenery in the dream town is tempting. Most of the mountains are in the water, the neighboring mountains are surrounded by water; the mountains and mountains are closest It is the farthest distance. It is close at hand but can't hold hands together to resist the landslides and earthquakes caused by wind and rain. It can't help the brothers to block the mountain torrents, mudslides and avalanches. It is like a mountain far away from the horizon. Now it is because of water. And the water is the hand of the mountain, the water is the foot of the mountain, the mountain has the water to hold the mountains around the water town to plant tangerines, brown plum, ponkan, orange, summer orange Wholesale Cigarettes, peach. Different seasons At this time, we are sightseeing, it is the time when the oranges are red. But see the ripe red oranges, vying out from behind the leaves; curiously despising us, seems to be guessing our intentions? It is very tempting. Shouting, it was drowned in the orange forest in an instant. I couldn��t see anyone, but I heard people��s voices. Some people sometimes marveled: ��Wow, big oranges.�� Then someone answered: ��Sweet?�� Immediately, the West is ambiguous.: "Sweet, but small The man should meet: "This is a tangerine." The east side of the crowd said: "There is a navel orange here, come soon." So people are screaming and whirlwind to the east. But see people's faces full of excitement and warmth; inner heart The joy of overflowing harvest, and the lust of total dissatisfaction. Want to pick the biggest, sweetest, want to pick more. Warm sunshine, warm atmosphere, happy picking; unfettered words, unscrupulous jokes Just to release the passion, the shadow of the sun is slanting, and the shadows are scattered. Tourists take advantage of it and pack it in the water town, wanting to have a nightmare.
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