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Young people, things are always full of passion and a variety of strong curiosity, but for many reasons, many imaginations can be realistic but can not act Marlboro Red. The reason for all this is that you haven't grown up yet, so I am eager to grow up in adolescents. I am always eager to get the care and approval of others. What I can exchange for is the competition in learning and the heavy expectations of the elders Cigarettes Online. In order to win them a smile, I desperately climbed up. It is because of the need to face them, I began to bear everything Cigarettes For Sale, and all the troubles are in my heart, using the superficial smile to bury my inner pressure. Therefore, I am more eager to grow. Maybe we will have many responsibilities to rise when we grow up, there will be many hardships to bear, and there will be many difficulties to overcome. But at that time, I was able to gain strength and self-confidence because I grew up, and I no longer have to bury my pressure. There are many unknowns in the future. No one can predict what will happen next? Maybe a tragedy, maybe a laugh. But no matter what, the future is your own, and the future tells you in your heart; if you don't cry, I can! What is youth? It is blue, green, and white. Because youth is walking with us, we are so full of vigor and vitality, shining with colorful colors. Blue blue is the color of the sky and represents purity. We have an infinite reverie of youth, always imagining how we look when we grow up. Some people said: "Grow up, be an outstanding scientist!" Some people said: "I grew up and want to be a good astronaut!" Others said: "When I grow up It must be a famous engineer!" And I am not always sure about the goal after I grow up, because in my world, I am always in vain. Looking at the blue sky, the white clouds of cotton candy, you will imagine that you have grown a pair of wings, a pair of white and dreamy wings. Free to fly in the blue sky and white clouds, perhaps, that is the purest green in my eyes, green is the color of the new shoots on the spring tree. Let me listen carefully, the sprout is sprouting, "plop, puff". Is that the heartbeat of spring? I involuntarily took off a green leaf, so green, like spring, like youth, like us, green, representing vitality and activity. We have unlimited vitality in youth, always jumping. In the physical education class, on the plastic track, there are flying figures. We are sweating, youth, let us stop the white and white is the color of the snow, which represents the silence. When the snow is falling, you will find that this is so noisy. The world can also have peace. Strolling in the snow, watching the crystal white snow fall on your shoulders, watching this powdery jade world coincide with our youth, one after another, the little snowman is singing a hymn for us, perhaps quiet In our case, we have a beautiful youth. It is beautiful, moving, and colorful. Only by feeling with your heart, you will discover that youth is the most beautiful flower.
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