About Us

Company History:

2002 : Established. Release PC lab management and interactive learning solutions.

2006 : 18 offices established, start overseas market. Got Add Clone patent, the first world-class incremental data ghosting technology.

2008 : OS virtualization technology released. Virtualized computing, and link clone technical reserves for VDI.

2010 : Business expanded to more than 20 countries, over 30,000 Customer worldwide.

2011 : Released OS-easy E-VDI with virtualized App technology and restore technology (teaching desktop), start cloud computing market.

2012 : Products were used in Germany, Japan and many other developed countries, and have 10 different languages versions. Virtualized server technology used in vServer product in data center.

2013 : Launch the core product OS-easy vServer and OS-easy Cloud for the cloud data center construction, and E-VDI reputed as a product knows education best.

2014 : Three years awarded Gazelle Enterprise, Awarded Top 20 Fast-growing Companies by Deloitte. First company to embed classroom management, curriculum management, interactive learning in Cloud Computing for education.

2016: OS-EASY entered NEEQ. Stock NO.: 837979.

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